Stemless Layback Inline Perc to Turbine Disc Glass Tube

Every smoker’s collection needs to include at least one percolator bong. It’s a unique way to get the most from your smoking experience. While there are a number out there to choose from, you’ll soon realize they aren’t all created the same. If you want an affordable option that will still deliver, consider this Stemless Layback Inline Perc to Turbine Disc Glass Tube. It goes above and beyond what other similarly-priced options do, yet won’t break the bank.


This percolator bong is made from scientific glass, so there’s no need to worry that your piece is overly-fragile and always about to break. It stands just over 10 inches, too, so you get enough bong to enjoy some quality hits without making it inconvenient at the same time. The slide bowl that comes included is 14.55 mm, so once again you get more than enough room to enjoy without it being unnecessary. Plus, the last thing you want is a bong that doesn’t have a big enough bowl.
The rounded foot on this piece makes it possible for the unit to stand up all on its own. This makes smoking much easier, though, if you want to take it up off a table, you can also easily hold it too.

The Percolator

No matter how cool a percolator bong looks or what it’s made out of, the vast majority of its performance will come down to the percolator itself. This model definitely doesn’t disappoint. In the main chamber, you’ll find an inline perc, fixed in its position. It will begin to interrupt your took just before the smoke rises. Doing so causes your own private twister of smoke.

The Water Pipe

This piece also comes ready to be filled with water for an even better smoking experience. Water not only helps to draw impurities out of your smoke, it cools it down nicely as well. Use ice water for an especially interesting hit better than anything you’ve enjoyed in the past.
This piece is made by Glasscity, a company with a longstanding reputation you can trust. They take great pride in all their smoking products and it really shows. When you buy this percolator bong, you’ll also receive Glasscity decals you can adorn it with as well.
Although you have many options when it comes to percolating smoking units, it’s hard to deny this one is the best in terms of performance and affordability.

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